Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I give a gift subscription?
A. Yes, please do! Simply click here or call toll-free (800) 829-0425.

Or write us at:
Country Sampler
PO BOX 8561
Big Sandy, TX 75755

Q. How many times per year do you publish Country Sampler magazine?
A. We publish six issues per year, bimonthly: Dec/Jan, Feb/Mar, Apr/May, Jun/Jul, Aug/Sept and Oct/Nov. We also publish a special Home Tour edition that is not included as a part of a subscription. You can order single copies of the Home Tour edition on our website

Q. I'm a new subscriber, why did I get several issues in a row so quickly?
A. On a bill-me-later subscription, we send your first issue and then wait for your payment before sending any more issues. However, depending on the timing of your order and subsequent payment, there's a chance that you could miss an issue during that time. Whenever possible, we try to keep that from happening. The result is sometimes two issues in quick succession.

Q. My subscription is paid and doesn't expire for a long time -- why am I getting renewal offers?
A. From time to time we do send out special, optional early renewal offers. Some offer a price discount for renewing well in advance; others offer different incentives or gifts for renewing early. If you don't want to take advantage of those kinds of offers, please disregard them.

Q. Why do I still get renewal notices when I just renewed recently?
A. Most likely, your renewal order to us crossed in the mail with one of our notices. If so, please ignore the notice. As a convenience to our subscribers, we begin sending renewal reminders about six months in advance of the last issue, one notice per month.

If you're uncertain about when to renew, you can always check the status of your account by accessing our online

Q. Could you please explain your free issue subscription offer?
A. If you'd like to see a sample copy of one of our magazines before deciding to subscribe, just order it on a bill-me- later basis. If you like the issue when it arrives(usually no more than 4-6 weeks from the date we receive your request), then simply pay the bill and your subscription will start. If not, just mail us back the bill, marked "cancel" and keep that issue for free, at no cost to you and with our compliments.

Q. My first issue wasn't what I expected. How can I cancel my subscription?
A. As promised when you first subscribed, you may mail us your invoice marked "cancel" and keep that free issue as our gift to you for giving us a try. Or you may click here to cancel your subscription. If you cancel online, we'll send you an email confirmation as soon as your cancellation is processed. Either way you cancel, there are probably subscription bills already in the mail to you, so please ignore them. If there's a service problem or other reason you wish to cancel, we hope you will contact us first and give us a chance to solve the issue without resorting to cancellation.

Q. How do I know that my credit card is secure when I order from you?
A. We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software that is among the best available today for secure Internet transactions. When you place an order online, this software encrypts all of your personal information, including your credit card number, so that it cannot be read as it travels over the Internet.

Q. Do you have back issues available for sale?
A. We do feature a limited number of back issues of our magazines on our website

Q. Can I order a magazine subscription? I live overseas.
A. While we do not send our magazines internationally, you can purchase a digital subscription which gives you the same great information and access to two years of back issues. Since the Internet has global reach and no shipping necessary, the annual cost is the same as if you lived in the U.S. To subscribe, click here.

Q. What is your policy concerning mailing lists?
A. We regularly communicate to our customers through the mail with information and offers from our family of companies. From time to time we make our customer mailing list available to other companies that sell goods and services that we believe would interest our customers. (We do not provide customer telephone numbers to these companies.) If you prefer not to receive any of this information, or if you wish to receive only information from our family of companies, please notify us at or at the mailing address on the front of this form.

If you have provided us your email address, you will receive emails with information and offers from us (and sometimes other companies) that we feel would be of interest to you.

With each of these email offers, we will provide you with a link to opt-out of receiving future commercial email. You can also opt-out of receiving future email messages from us by emailing us at Opt-out requests are usually handled as soon as the request is made. However, it may take up to ten days to process an opt-out request.

Q. Why did I see the magazine at a store before I received my subscription copy?
A. We mail our subscription copies at the same time as they are shipped to newsstand agents throughout the world. Newsstand on-sale dates are generally the 1st of the month of December, February, April, June, August and October. Subscribers should always have their copy by then, as they go out 2-3 weeks before the on-sale date but we have no way to control the speed of the postal system.

Q. Why did I receive a notice from North Shore Subscription Agency?
A. We have made numerous attempts at collecting your subscription amount due. We did not hear from you about wanting to cancel, so we therefore sent this outstanding balance to a third, party collector. This in no way affects your credit rating. Please contact customer service at (800) 829-0425 to pay or cancel your account.

Q. Is the Home Tour edition part of my subscription?
A. Country Sampler's Home Tour edition is a special newsstand-only issue. You can purchase it as a single copy at

Q. How do I submit my home to be featured in Country Sampler?
A. If you would like to send photos of your home for consideration of a possible future professional photo shoot, please send a CD of digital photos to:

Country Sampler
Attn: Donna Marcel
BERNE, IN 46711

You can also respond to with a link to an online photo-sharing site such as Photo Bucket, Kodak Gallery, Snapfish or even Facebook. Include 4-6 photos of each room. Please show as much of the room as possible in each photo, as we need to see how each room lays out (i.e., furniture placement, doorway placement, etc.). We cannot get a good feel for what a home looks like if we receive only close-up photos of cabinets, displays, etc. Please also include a description of the home, including its location, age and anything major (renovations, new flooring, custom feature) that has been done. Please provide full contact information--address, phone and e-mail (if available). Submissions are non-returnable. We will not publish submitted images. They are used strictly for photo shoot consideration.

Q. How do I contact the editorial department?
A. Email:

Country Sampler
Attn: Editor
BERNE, IN 46711

Q. How do I contact the advertising department?
A. Email:

Country Sampler
Attn: Sales
BERNE, IN 46711